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Dear visitors of our site!


Dear visitors of our site!

Any country on the Earth has following resources:

– Air, water and soil as the base for natural and technogenic sustainment of people, including food
– Mineral resources laying in the Earth crust
– Nonmaterial assets created by human intellect

Russia has huge but unfortunately ineffectively used, not growing and negatively burdened potential of resources.

This negative situation exists because up to now Russia up to now has not introduced the principles of Remediation of technogenic activity into the main algorithm of management. Nowadays it is obvious that only remediation of technogenic activity is a necessary factor of innovative development of all branches, including agriculture, defense industry, energetic, housing etc. Necessary for our state recreation and preservation of resources is the main task of our activity. Foundation of Social and Economic Development of Russia together with other state, public and private structures taking part in realization of programs aimed at accumulation of resources realize vital necessity and to have common project as unavoidable condition of search of partners. The development needs appropriate resources, so our foundation was called “Foundation of Development of Russia”. Only common efforts of all who directly or indirectly connected with tasks and purposes of “Foundation of Development of Russia” can give us the positive result. We should build our work as a dialog. Life span of project is unlimited. Wherever you are located – either in Russia or abroad, or whichever your company is – large or small, the success in vigorously changing world is defined with your readiness to stable development.

Search of successful strategy and necessary funds are the main problems while achieving the goals, but whatever plans you would have the task remains the same – to find and introduce the right managing decision, relevant to company’s interests. Coming to us you can turn your plans into growing business. To avoid the confusion with Russian law, political, economical, and financial institutions just come to us.

Years of experience, permanent analysis of economical situation in Russia and stable work allow us to declare, that we know the mechanisms of protection from potential risks on Russian and foreign financial markets.

Global task of modern Russia is a creation of market economy, and it highly concerns our own interests. Efforts of Russian government aimed to enter the WTO will sooner or later give its positive result and we must be ready to work in new conditions.

Inviting you to the cooperation with “Foundation of Development of Russia”, as either partners or clients to accomplish your own tasks or the task of your organization we guarantee our professional attendance in any field needed.

Each company even during its genesis must understand the necessity in financial, material, labor, and intellectual resources. In every form of entrepreneurship the key points, applied to every field of activity exist. It is important to get the investments but not less important is to find the object of investing. We hope that our Foundation of Social and Economic Development of Russia will become a true partner for those who look for investments and for investors as well.

There are no central and far away regions for us – we work with Russia, in Russia, and for Russia!

With sincere respect to fellow countrymen and foreign citizens,

President of Foundation of Social and Economic Development of Russia,