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About the Fundation
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Our fund, created in 2006 and successfully implemented projects in construction and real estate, acting as the management company for some projects, as well as working with the implementation of regional programs, offers cooperation in the following:
we are able to get the right management in our fund land for building construction projects, such as:
neighborhoods, apartment complexes, private cottage, the village building as well as construction for municipal, provincial and federal facilities.
When these lands belong to private individuals, they are all owned by us and checked their property rights. We also have the opportunity to engage in the management of federal and municipal land in different regions of the Russian Federation, we have close and friendly relations with the representatives of the Federation Council of the Chelyabinsk region, and direct access to the implementation of both the provincial and municipal projects through our fund, so we work closely with the Government of the Tyumen region, realize their projects in Tatarstan and the Sverdlovsk region.