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Innovation but Not Modernization Is the Catalyst of Social and Economic Development of Russia in General

Innovation but Not Modernization Is the Catalyst of Social
and Economic Development of Russia in General

Dear Sirs, partners, and friends!

Stable development of the only state, even possessing rich resources is practically impossible in modern world. No country has learned to intensively develop its own economics without close connection with the other countries’ economics. Alternative ideologies of East and West must connect countries, which seem different in economical, spiritual and mindset fields, like different magnet poles. Europe oriented Russian diplomacy mainstream must take Eurasian geographical location in account, and therefore the existence of economical and geopolitical interests in Asia. The vector, which historically moves either to East or to West, takes course along Russian territory. Now this vector is turned to the direction of Asian and Pacific Rim countries (APR). In an effort of international cooperation and building the new structure of interrelations we must take in account not only our interests, but also the interests of other states.

Russia has huge but not endless and ineffectively used store of resources. Principles of innovative and even careful use of the mineral resources are not still introduced. We must stop destroying the stores made by previous generations, and stop stealing resources from future generations as well. It concerns not only the countries developing mineral resources, but also countries which use them inefficiently. Both emerging and industrially developed states are responsible together. Concerning this we elaborated the system of Remediation of technogenetics activities.

Remediation of technogenetics activities is the administratively-religious control of the activity of Human of the World, and his use of Water, Soil and Space of the planet, through humanitarian financing based on international assets, oriented on coverage of his Demands, and given only with the condition of lack of damage to the next generation (10 years) from all the life cycle of this activity, including isolation of DNA toxic wastes, and reconstruction of the environment touched with this process.

Reconstruction and preservation of resources needed for further development of the state is the main task of our activity fixed in the National project “Foundation of the Development of Russia”.

Working for development of Russian regions, we want to include them in the work with actively growing economics of the world like India, China and other ATR countries, without any damage to existing relations in Europe and America. This aspiration is mutual.

Vast prospects for active cooperation of Russian regions with ATR countries exist in industrial, agricultural, trade, investment, scientific, educational, and labor resources management fields.  Remarkable results are seen in cooperation in political, economical, diplomatic, military and cultural areas and in strengthening of financial base of strategic partnership between Russian regions and BRICS countries.

“Foundation of Social and Economic Development of Regions” proposes Russian regions its practical assistance in this field. Network of merchant consulting centers for support of Russian and foreign investors, willing to spread their business activity to India, China and Russia will offer some essential help:

– Analyst review of markets’ situation and competition conditions in BRICS countries

– Practical assistance during outcome to Russian market, and to markets of other BRICS countries

– Support to organize the export of Russian goods to BRICS countries and import of their goods to Russian regions

– Provide foreign trade information concerning fuelling, metallurgy, industry, chemical and aeronautical industry, and space technologies

– Creation of database of prospective investment projects in Russian regions for Russian and foreign investors

– Analysis of investment projects offered to Russian and foreign investors, organizing of expertise of investment projects

– Selection of the projects relevant to Russian and foreign investors’ demands, adaptation of project documentation for the investors

– Organizing and conduct of negotiations with potential investors

– Assistance in preparation and signing of investment contracts

– Consulting and assistance in project management

– Elaboration and management of federal, regional and municipal dedicated programs

– Strategic planning of social and economical development of the territories

“Foundation of Social and Economic Development of Regions” proposes you to join the national program “Foundation of the Development of Russia” and would like to hear from you on e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it