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We will bring you to the markets of China and India
We will bring you to the markets of China and India PDF Print E-mail

Foundation for Socio-Economic Development of Regions, which celebrates this yearfor five years and a part of the Russian Union of Manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of Russian producers of agricultural products, is actively working with the public by the Chinese company "Shanghai international logistics and trading base forcorporate and special agricultural products."

At the present time, due to the transfer market in international trade to the format ofinternational exhibitions and sales, the Fund's analytical group developed and agreedwith the Chinese conditions for international cooperation in the field of marketing services, logistics services, product certification services, as well as the parametersof economic interaction in the implementation of agricultural products of the Russian Federation.

The Fund is currently Socio-economic Development of Regions, in cooperation with Chinese partner has a 5000 sq.m. areas prepared for the participation of Russianagricultural producers in the demonstration of exhibits with simultaneous trading.

In order to increase sales of agricultural products, the Fund stands ready to provide practical assistance in the organization of the Russian agricultural production under the scheme for a specific foreign or Russian buyer.

Using a wealth of experience, administrative and institutional capacity of Russian experts and Chinese partners, the Foundation is ready to contribute to the most efficient work of enterprises of the Russian agro-industrial complex in China's first non-governmental exchange of food products controlled one of the main partners of the Fund in China - Shanghai international logistics and trading base for the company and special agricultural products.

The urbanization of agricultural land absorbs in China, with an increase in the standard of living increases and becomes more diverse range of food on the table the Chinese. China is not alone meet the needs of today's market food products. A recent trip to China, the Fund's management, meetings with high officials and prominent businessmen showed the correctness of the strategy and has become a model of mutual understanding and common interests in the socio-economic sphere. Russia can offer to the market, not only raw materials - the emphasis is on delivery of finished products. In this regard, the parties signed a memorandum of cooperation.