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This submission of The Fund of Social and Economic Development of Russian Regions is made on the basis of study of the specifics of doing business by foreign companies in Russia and Russian companies abroad.

We have carefully studied the issues for the effective implementation of foreign companies in the real estate development and construction business, trade, agriculture, energy and other sectors of the economy, as well as the placement of investments on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We have conducted many consultations with economists and financiers, engineering groups and experts in the development of the construction of industrial and social facilities as well as infrastructure and experts to manage the investment process.


The Fund of Social and Economic Development of Russian Regions is an initiative of a number of prominent Russian, American and European financial, legal and engineering holdings and companies to jointly solve complex problems in attracting investments for funding to implement tasks in manufacturing, engineering and construction in Russia and abroad of industrial, civil, housing and special purpose infrastructure.

Even before the merger to The Fund, many of them worked for a long time together toperform complex projects.

The uniqueness of The Fund is that in the early 90-es the members of The Fund developed a technological model for joint implementation of works in economic analysis, financing, design and construction of various facilities with such companies as «Turner Construction», the United States, " Hochstein " Germany, «VADO Engineering», «Alpine International», «Caterpillar» U.S., «Plasmag
Ges.mbH», «Jenbachen» Austria, «OKZ Holding» Czech Consortium ",“Neftmontazh" Ufa, JSC, "EnergoMashHolding" Russia ,design institutes «Kemoprodzhekt» Czech Republic, «ThortonTomasetti» U.S.,«MozerArchitectors», "Khimtekhnologiya", "Metaprocess", "Teploelectroproject","PI-2" Moscow,"Giproprom", "Gipromez" Kharkov, "Coninvest Group inc." U.S., "Centrengineering,Ltd"etc.

Works on the projects are carried out simultaneously in the U.S., Europe and Russia at the level of world standards and in accordance with the Russian laws and regulations. The Fund can quickly and efficiently solve a wide range of tasks related to the professional activities and significantly reduce the time and cost of works to ensure a high level of customer contractual obligations at attractive prices. The Fund can provide a full range of services to organizations doing business in Russia, such as:

  • Conduct market research, selection of investment projects, presentations and studies of the effectiveness of capital investments, protection projects in the international audit companies.
  • Attractinternational auditing companies for the preparation of contracts and investment contracts of sale of investment objects.
  • Ensure the functioning and coordination of all participants in the investment process to implement it in the interests of investors , including ensuring the effective functioning of the Technical Customer Service , perform technical supervision of the general designer, contractor, subcontractors and suppliers of equipment and materials for the entire cycle construction in accordance with the specifications and standards established in Russia.
  • Organize and conductthe necessary tenders on the approved program, including tenders for selection of a general contractor for the construction and design of objects that have submitted the most favorable conditions for the Investor.
  • Organization of signing the necessary contracts and agreements for investment projects with all participants in the construction process, as well as between all other stakeholders.
  • Preparation and determination of preliminary budget, scheduling and funding schedules construction projects.
  • Implementation of the direct leadership of the structure, ensuring its effective work as a whole, as a single mechanism, as well as its individual components, including the scheduling and coordination of all departments.
  • Provide guidance and monitor the work of each participating company building process for its professional direction, according to the approved work schedule.
  • Organization to fulfill the role of design estimates "Object», management and coordination of activities for the working drawings, as well as the organization of their agreement with the authorities of architectural engineering supervision and other authorities are agreed.
  • In order to control the volume and quality of work performed, the timely implementation between participants of the construction process.
  • Ensuring compliance with all warranty companies.
  • Organization of input construction projects completed.
  • Representation of foreign companies developing business in Russia, in government at the federal and regional levels.
  • Promoting the opening of representative offices of foreign companies, the provision of legal and legal support for the organization and conduct of business.

The offered concept of development partnership relations for introduction the mutual companies to foreign markets and the market of the Russian Federation involves the following steps:

Signing the Agreement on cooperation between the companies in which it is necessary to determine and provide the main activities and areas of development: a) Determination of the composition and consumables budget for the organization of representative offices. b) Development of the organizational structure of development the business abroad and in the Russian Federation

The formation and approval of a plan of development of representative offices.

We are looking to the future
Chairman of the Fund