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Республика Тываодин из самых молодых и перспективных регионов России. Значительные сырьевые ресурсы, уникальная природа и наличие трудовых ресурсов позволяют Тыве занять особое место с точки зрения инвестиционной привлекательности.


Foundation for Socio-Economic Development of Regions, which celebrates this yearfor five years and a part of the Russian Union of Manufacturers, in order to meet the needs of Russian producers of agricultural products, is actively working with the public by the Chinese company "Shanghai international logistics and trading base forcorporate and special agricultural products."


Inviting you to cooperate with the Fund's socio-economic development of regions ", of your choice as a partner or on a contract basis, to perform the tasks facing you personally or to your organization, we guarantee to provide professional services in any area of activities of interest to you.


Working for development of Russian regions, we want to include them in the work with actively growing economics of the world like India, China and other ATR countries, without any damage to existing relations in Europe and America. This aspiration is mutual.


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